Tuesday 23 May 2017

Need help? - Peninsula support page

Need help?

Peninsula Delivers 24hr support worldwide support with the click of a mouse. 

Here at Peninsula we have been working very hard to set up a help centre page for you, our customer. We thought in creating a support page for our customers both new and old, it would make it easier to find a quick and easy solution to the common issues our customers might have to face.

We have spent the last few weeks creating our support page, we made sure to input all our products from Barcode X Application to our Thermal printer Driver.  We have gone through all our customers' past and present issues, and so far have picked the most commonly asked questions we have received about our software. We have chosen to do an easy to understand step by step guide for the issues we have picked so far.  Because our Peninsula software products are constantly growing to cover all eventualities, but waiting for an email reply or TeamViewer link-up can be frustrating when you need a quick speedy solution. This is why we chose to set up a new free, online interactive technical support database.

We have made sure to make our support page easy to navigate via easy accesible icons, that show the particular software you may need support for. We also inputted a large search bar at the top of the web page, in which you can input keywords and easily search for the product and issue you have. The easy to use search bar and icons will give you exactly what you want and when you need it at a simple click of a button. If the issue you have is not on the page there is a link at the bottom of the page which you may click and an email dialog will open and you will be able to send an email about your issue directly to our tech team.

Once our team receive an email form you querying a issue you may have they will email back within our working day (9AM-5PM BST), and aim to sort your issue out as soon as possible so that you can get back to your own work. We understand any issues you may have may halt any progress you have with the work you are doing and aim to resolve your software issues for you as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

We made sure to set up our support web pages with a simple step by step guide, as it makes it easier to keep track of where you are in solving your issue as well as it made it able for us to input helpful images to show you what the steps should look like for you in fixing your issue. We chose to use a combination of imagery and words as images are sure to grab your attention and as they show you what you will see on the screen in front of you. If you have the same issue, you can easily read the text underneath the images and see what you have to do to resolve the issue you are having quickly and efficiently. 

Making this support website means that as our customers who may experience issues with our software you can quickly pop over to our website and find the correct guide and resolve the issue yourself quickly and get back to doing your work. This mean it will create less Tech support emails and team viewers and allow us to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. So that we can always support you as effectively as we want to.

The support website also means that when Peninsula closes for at the usual time of 5pm customers in the rest of the world and England could be struggling into the night or the day in different time zones.   with issues they may be having with software. Customers would be losing out on Peninsula's industry leading support services, so we set up the 24 hour worldwide support website so our customers always have help where they need it.

Above is an example of what our Thermal Printer Driver support page looks like, so that you can see what type of step by step guides we have created to help you with any issues that can be fixed easily.
We will keep updating the webpage as often as we can and as the software gets updated.

So whether you are a existing customer or considering entering the world of barcodes and thermal label printing, you can be sure that the Peninsula support team will look after you every step of the way. Making it as easy and as hassle free as we can for you.

Below we have provided a link for you to be able to visit our support page yourself and see how you like it?

Tuesday 9 May 2017

Our Teams Most Commonly Asked Questions Part 1

Every day our team gets a variety of questions asked by our customers about our software and solutions for problems.
We thought it might be easier for our customers (new or old) to be able to read our most commonly asked questions and our response.

In my Barcode X App question marks keep appearing in the text under my ITF barcode what should I do?
First thing you need to do is change your font to Barcode. If you still encounter a problem then turn on 'condense spacing' on the A tab, this removes the spaces from the human readable text and stops it turning into question marks.

Where do I get my barcode numbers from?
If you are wanting to use your barcode numbers for in house then you can allocate your numbers yourself.

However if you want to sell your product to another retailer who has not specified what number you need to use (WHSmiths and M&S have their own numbers for you to use), you can purchase your retail barcode numbers from www.gsl.org .
There is a yearly fee and you do purchase your retail barcodes in a batch but these will be unique to you/your company which you can then allocate to each of your products.

When going to the activation website the message 'Invalid Product Code or Serial Number' keeps popping up, what should I do?
There are four different reasons this message could keep popping up, the first reason could be that one of the characters you have entered is wrong e.g. a 0 could have been put instead of an O.
The second could be that your product code is not being sent from your computer due to your network adaptor not being turned on.
It could also be that the Serial Number you have entered is not linked to your Order ID.
The last reason this message keeps popping up could be that the product you are trying to activate is not the same platform as the record in the activation database i.e. you are activating on a Mac and the database entry is for a PC copy.

When I try to make a barcode gibberish keeps appearing instead of a barcode?
The barcode font is either not installed or selected. On the Mac and PC the font is Barcode.ttf .
This font must be selected in the filemaker field to be able to make barcodes.
For PC the first thing you will need to do is close the programme then locate the font and install it into the windows font folder.
Once you have done this we recommend restarting your computer as sometimes windows does not recognise you have installed the font.

When using Barcode Filemaker horizontal white spaces keep appearing making my barcode look like a number of barcodes stacked up, what should I do?
First thing you need to do is decrease the line spacing. Then you need to set the line spacing in pixels at the same size as the point size of the barcode font.

Can I change the location where my databases are stored in QuickTrack Pro?
Yes you can change where your databases are stored in the preferences in QuickTrack, simply choose Preferences then General Preferences then choose Default Settings.
Next click the Extras button, in extras there is an item which says Set next to database location. You can set this to the folder where you want your databases to be stored, click okay to save this and your databases will now be stored in the folder you selected.

How do I deactivate my software to move it onto a different machine?
To move your software onto a different machine you will first need to deactivate it by running the Peninsula Activation Utility on the old computer, then enter your Serial Number and Order ID and click Go To Website.
If you receive a response 'Cannot Contact Activation Server' please email one of our team with the code that it gives to you with your Order ID and we will manually deactivate it on our system as a last resort.
Once the deactivation has been complete you can the reactivate your software on your new machine.

How do I make a barcode from a CSV file?
Save your barcode numbers into a CSV file.
Then open the Barcode X application. Set the option for the folder where you want your barcodes to be saved (top toolbar/Barcode - Option - Save to Specific Folder).
On the main pallet select your Barcode type e.g. EAN8, and turn dialogs OFF (modify you barcodes dimensions if you need to).
Select the Page tab (3rd one along on the top of the 2 tab rows).
Click in the FileName box and locate your csv file and click open.
item(s) = this is the data for the barcode in this case <<1>> means the first location in the csv line.
Start at line = 1 (this is the first line of the csv file) you would use 2 if your csv file had headers included in the file.
Item for name = 0 (means the saved file will be saved with the EAN number as the file name)
Get How Many = the number of items (number of barcodes to be made).
Press OK and it will generate the barcodes and save them to your default barcode location.

We would suggest you try this with maybe 3 or 4 records first so that you can gain an understanding of how it works.

How do I find out what my Mac address is?
Open 'Terminal' on your Mac, either by using spotlight or applications (also in 'Other' in the Launchpad). Once Terminal is opened type in 'ifconfig' then press Return or Enter.
By doing this it will produce a list of the Mac addresses related to your machine.

I tried to activate my Thermal Driver but it doesn't save what should I do?
This is usually down to folder permissions on the folder where the activation files are kept.
Please check: Macintosh HD - Library - Application Support - Peninsula
Then right click on the Peninsula folder and select Get Info.
Check the Sharing & Permissions - the privileges should be set to Read & Write for "your user account" and "everyone".
If they are not click on the padlock icon, enter your admin password and change the settings (add your user if it is not there).
Then click on the little cog dropdown and select Apply to Enclosed Items.
Once you have done that click on the Padlock Icon to lock it again.

However if this does not work please contact a member of our team and we will  arrange a TeamViewer Session with you to help you get it all working.