Monday 26 June 2017

Peninsula Resellers

Peninsula Resellers

We here at Peninsula are offering people an opportunity by re-launching our reseller list!
Over the years we have worked with many different companies wanting to resell our products and we still continue to work with some of these companies.
Our team are wanting to find new people who might want to become resellers for us.

We have The solution you need, for your customers. A solution that is simple and will offer you a recurring revenue and who could turn that down!
Our team understand that to become a reseller for companies it can sometimes come with an upfront fee, however becoming a reseller for Peninsula there is no upfront cost, we will not charge you to join our reseller list, nor will we charge you if you decide that you no longer want to be a reseller for us.

We are a software company and deliver all of our products electronically and we can even ship a memory stick to the customer. We can ship this and any other products you wish to resell with your branding on the packing note so you do not incur shipping costs.
It is one of many bonuses to being a reseller for us that our products are always in stock for immediate delivery so that your customers will not have to wait around for their software to be delivered. If they need QuickTrack Pro software they can receive it and all their product information straight away and get started, like with all of our software and then a memory stick can be shipped if they want one.

Another bonuses to being a reseller for us is that as much of our software is on yearly license it means you will get revenue every year as they are not one off sale but recurring subscriptions. We do still have certain products that are on one off payments like our Thermal Printer Driver. But with our software that is not on yearly pricing we incur upgrade costs after one year of purchase if the software has been upgraded and if the customer needs or wants to upgrade it.

Being a reseller for us also means that when you sell your customers our product it comes with our fully experienced support team, we offer support through querying via our sales and tech email addresses (All info will be at the bottom). We have also a new support page on our website that customers can be directed too, which shows how to set up our software and activate and deactivate. We also have support videos on youtube explaining about our products and what you can do with them. See we know and understand that our software might sometimes seem complicated so we aim to help our customers as much as we possibly can.
This means your customers will not have to worry about being unable to receive help setting up their software or help if they have any issues that need resolving. We will always be able to help within our business hours.

We create a variety of different software to suit all needs, this ranges from our Barcode X application which is a vector Barcode production software, it is available on Apple Mac and PC windows and is the most comprehensive and accurate Barcode production in the world. Our Quicktrack Pro software  means you can track anything, anywhere, quickly and efficiently with ease. The Quicktrack Pro software is a solution for the easy tracking in the workplace. We also have our Thermal label print system which we specially designed for Mac users everywhere, and even Apple use this product themselves. It will be a breeze for you to sell and that means more income for you.

Its even easier for you to resell to as our products are unique with no competition. Our products are at the top of the tree when it comes to quality. The printer drivers and labelling software for Mac have no competitors whatsoever, it means selling the into apple based business shouldn't be an issue at all. The tracking products are cross platform for Mac and Windows which nobody else can do, which again makes it super easy for you to sell. The Barcode product is also cross platform and has built in barcode verification for the file produced. This is the only software in the world that does this and has been the preferred choice with professionals for 30 years.

So what now? It costs nothing to join our resellers list, it costs nothing to drop out if you want. you buy out product at reduced pricing and when you sell to your customers you take 30%. We also sell some of our software products on yearly subscription so this means recurring revenue for you. We also offer all of our customers full tech support and help setting up if they need it. All you have to do is join our reseller list and start making money straightaway.

All the information about our products as well as how to get in contact with our team is on our website .

Tuesday 20 June 2017

QuickTrack for Schools

QuickTrack for Schools

QuickTrack professional school library management software is the solution you need, that doesn't break the bank. Paying mass amounts of money for a school library software doesn't have to be the way to do things.  It does not have to break to bank to be good. Simply because it has a big price tag does not mean it will perform better or be any easier to use. 
Peninsula QuickTrack Pro for schools is a professional easy to use, complete school library system for an affordable price. Why is that? Because here at Peninsula we know schools don't have all the money in the world in their budgets for library software, we understand other things might be more important in the yearly school budget. So we made a non complicated, easy to use piece of software that is still on the same level as other library software out there, but we made it way more affordable because we know it doesn't have to break the bank. 

QuickTrack is simple and easy to use but that doesn't mean we made it cheaply it just means we made it better for you, and although QuickTrack is simple it is also powerful and professional, we didn't neglect to keep it as good as other library software out there.
QuickTrack for schools has so many amazing feautres you won't believe it all if you read them, you will want to test the software for yourself.

QuickTrack features automatic data entry and built in cataloging which is easy to use. You can begin  using QuickTrack by importing any existing book databases from other sources such as CSV and excel, for a quick and easy setup. With the automatic data entry you can simply scan the barcodes on the book and the details will be automatically entered. Our software will even retrieve an image of the book cover. This function can also obtain catalogue information for mosts CD's, DVD's and even some videos. The software is so easy to use after you simply scan the books with the provided Barcode scanner (phoenix), the built in cataloging will automatically use the internet to look up the book details and instantly enter them into QuickTrack. Our online database is always up to date and is free of charge to use, it is automatically updated when a book is published.

QuickTrack for schools is easy for students to use, and can be a great activity for your schools students to help get them involved in the library and feel like part of its operation. You could have students helping out the librarians or do a student librarian group, and students can be part of the team and learn how to use the simple, easy to use library software and gain experience.

We have made QuickTrack's library management simple and efficient by adding complete book tracking history, being able to see the borrowers current books, a simple circulation management system, a complete comprehensive student database and you can instantly show who has what. You can completely track a books history and see how many times it has been borrowed and how popular that book has or hasn't been. This can be super useful for when you are ordering new books to see what book types are the most popular or the least popular, so you can then know what to order. Once a book has been entered into the database, the book will have a complete record of where it has been over time.

We made the book in/ book out section so simple and easy to use even the youngest student can work it easily. This is our simple circulation management system. you work it by simply choosing "book in" or "book out", from the "Book in/out" menu then chose a student. You can do this using the screen or by using a barcoded ID card which the software can even print for you. You can create a complete comprehensive student database by importing them from a CSV file or you can enter each student individually by hand.  You can then see which students have which books currently. When looking to see which student has which books, you can find which student your looking for, then the students details will instantly appear and to the right of the dialog it will show which books they currently have. Then you simply scan the books barcode and its details will come up, you can then click the "book out" button to book it out, its really that easy.

The peninsula QuickTrack pro library management system comes complete with a Barcode scanner to help you set up with ease as well as being delivered on USB memory stick so you have a backup of the software. . In addition to this software you will receive the Barcode scanner via post to use in conjunction with the software. The Phoenix Barcode reader is the one we will supply you with and this requires no additional software to function, as the computer just pretends the reader is another keyboard. The reader has been designed specifically to be used to scan barcodes quickly and efficiently. The reader is also fully guaranteed for the length of the license. A free of charge replacement can also be obtained should the reader cease to function. You would simply email us and return the reader to us for a replacement. Although the reader would be very unlikely to break.

The software also offers easy to use reports. It might be that once you have been using the QuickTrack software for a while, you would need information on who has what, what is overdue and other information. QuickTrack for schools has a built in report and labelling features as standard. Which would easily allow you to collect or print out information you would require. all the reports are fully customisable and can be added to easily. A full report and a label editor is included with QuickTrack. Any popular reports you have can be stored in their own folder for easy access, enabling you to quickly get any information you need. The report data can also be saved as a CSV file or shown as a list on screen.

Email to get started with QuickTrack now.
Visit our website for School library software
Or visit our Peninsula-group website

Thursday 1 June 2017

Understanding Barcode X serial numbers

Understanding Barcode X serial numbers

Serial numbers in Barcode X can be a bit tricky to get your head around. You might open up your Barcode  X software for the first time and be completely baffled by what to do. We created a support database on our Peninsula-group website ( ) to help with some of your queries you may have about our Barcode X software, and if your questions are not answered on the support page there is an email icon at the bottom of the page where you can send our tech support any questions you may have. we recently added two new support pages in Barcode X showing you how to create a barcode from CSV files and also explaining about serial codes and what to do on the number tab (2nd one along on the top of the 2 tab rows) in Barcode X. We at Peninsula thought understanding all the boxes when your in the number tab in Barcode X might be a little confusing at first so we thought we would explain it all right here for you. 

First off we begin by opening up our Barcode X software and navigating to the number tab which as we said previously is the 2nd tab along on the top if the 2 tab rows see the image to the left. The dialog should look exactly like the image on the left. See the many different fields to fill in with words like Prefix, Suffix and Dialogs, you might not even know what those words even mean let alone what data to input into each field and drop down menu. So here in this blog post we will take each individual field and go through what data you might need to input and were you would need to look to find that out. 

To begin with we need to state that serial numbers have various components and in this post we will explain the various parts to the numbers and were to input the correct numbers into the correct fields. Please also note any code we may use to explain things to you will be an example and your code will be made up differently. 

The first field you will see on the dialog will be the Prefix box. The prefix field is for if a "JS" appears before the beginning of a serial number. If a "JS" appears before your serial number you would then input JS in the prefix field. 

The second field you will encounter on the dialog will be the start field. The start field is for if the serial numbers go from 1 to 199. So if your serial  number goes between 1 and 199 then you should enter 1 in the start field. 

The third field you will see on the dialog will be the suffix field. The suffix field is different to the prefix field in that if "AB" appears at the end of each serial number then you would enter an AB in the suffix field. 

The fourth field you will encounter on the dialog will be the end field. The end field is like the start field but instead of entering a 1 into the field, if the serial numbers go from 1 to 199 you would enter a 199 in the end field. So if your serial numbers go from 1 t0 199 enter a 199 into the end field. 

The fifth field you will see on the dialog will be the step field. This field will be for if the serial numbers of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for step size of 1. Or if it uses a step size of 10, it would go 10 , 20, 30, 40. So in the step field you would input the step size number that your serial numbers use, for this example we would input 1 into our step field, and this would say our serial numbers go up by one each time. 

The sixth field you will see is the data length field. The data length field sets the number of digits output as a serial number. This includes the prefix and suffix that we entered in the earlier fields. Some barcodes will not allow you to alter this length as they have fixed lengths, some barcode will let you alter the length however.  If a serial number is less than the data length, it will automatically insert leading zeros to maintain the length. 
we will give you an example. If we entered 12 in the data length field. The data together should return the first serial number as JS00000001AB . See that the number generated has 12 digits this is because we inputted the data length to be 12. As the serial number was less than the data length the zeros were inputted to make it reach the data length. 

The seventh field you will see on the dialog is the show dialogs field. The show dialogs field is for if you want to run the automatic dialogs on or off. The dialogs appear when you click on a barcode to make it. Window will pop up asking you where you want the barcode to be saved and what you want to call it. So if you have already predetermined were your barcodes will be saved you can choose to click the dialog button to stop the dialogs showing each time a barcode is generated. For example if you are generating 100 barcodes you wouldn't want 100 dialogs popping up asking you to save each individual barcode, as this would be a frustrating process. 

The eighth field you will encounter on the dialog is the Type dropdown menu. The type dropdown menu is for if your barcode is numeric or alphanumeric. Some barcodes and text items are not only numeric they can be instead alphanumeric. This means that they not only have numbers but also letters making it a combination of the alphabet and numbers. Hence the name alphanumeric.  The Type drop down menu allows you to choose whether an item in a serial number is numeric or alphanumeric. 

The ninth field you will see on the dialog is the repeat field. The repeat field is the final box on this tab page. This is only relevant when you are wishing to print serial numbers directly from within the application. The field allows you to enter a number which, when set will allow the serial number to stay for a certain number of labels. This can be particularly useful when using batch numbers. For example with batch numbers the numbers may only need to increase every 20 labels, so you would input in the field 20. Then the serial code would change every 20 times. 

If you still encounter any issues or problems with your Barcode X software please email our Technical Support at .