Wednesday 19 April 2017

A Day In The Peninsula Group Office

Once walking into the office our staff immediately go to check their emails on the computers, diving straight into the action.
They expertly reply to our customers emails, offering solutions to their software issues or helping the customers find the right kind of software for their needs for the best price.
With the constant communication between our sales team in the office and our tech team, who work off site. they work like a well oiled machine making sure all our customers get replies to their emails as quickly as possible.

With all the hype in the office everyone pauses as when the phone rings, diving to answer it eager to help out the customer ringing to ask our team questions. Once the phone is answered silence falls upon the office ensuring the customer can be heard as clearly as the phone connection will allow.

Hanging up the phone with a triumphant smiles on their face one of our sales team is certain they have left the customer satisfied with the answer to their questions.
Our company prides itself on giving our customers the one on one attention they deserve when it comes to any of the issues they have or any questions they need answering.

With our sales teams constantly making sure they are keeping the social media up to date as well as ensuring all our customers are replied to within the day (preferably within the hour), there is never a dull moment in the office. With plenty to do and for the sales team to focus on the day goes by fast.

Our sales team get an hour lunch break to take whenever they want/need to normally resulting in fits of giggles coming from the office, with our sales team having a joke around. But with how dedicated they are to our customers if one of them receives an email or the work phone rings our team will still answer and reply to the customers while on their lunch.

After lunch is over everybody goes back to their usual routine of answering emails and phone calls as well as calling the tech team to request information or to inform them of an email they should be expecting at any moment. Handling the social media sites as well as updating the websites current process and writing blog posts such as this one.

With a constant whirr of computers and the click clacking of keyboards as our team work hard communicating with our tech team to help get things up to date on our website and to keep them updated and new.

At the end of the work day our team close down the computers and turn off the printer, locking the office door and heading up the path for their routes home.
Another day done and dusted, satisfied customers and orders processed the well oiled machine retires for the night until the next working day.