Tuesday 20 June 2017

QuickTrack for Schools

QuickTrack for Schools

QuickTrack professional school library management software is the solution you need, that doesn't break the bank. Paying mass amounts of money for a school library software doesn't have to be the way to do things.  It does not have to break to bank to be good. Simply because it has a big price tag does not mean it will perform better or be any easier to use. 
Peninsula QuickTrack Pro for schools is a professional easy to use, complete school library system for an affordable price. Why is that? Because here at Peninsula we know schools don't have all the money in the world in their budgets for library software, we understand other things might be more important in the yearly school budget. So we made a non complicated, easy to use piece of software that is still on the same level as other library software out there, but we made it way more affordable because we know it doesn't have to break the bank. 

QuickTrack is simple and easy to use but that doesn't mean we made it cheaply it just means we made it better for you, and although QuickTrack is simple it is also powerful and professional, we didn't neglect to keep it as good as other library software out there.
QuickTrack for schools has so many amazing feautres you won't believe it all if you read them, you will want to test the software for yourself.

QuickTrack features automatic data entry and built in cataloging which is easy to use. You can begin  using QuickTrack by importing any existing book databases from other sources such as CSV and excel, for a quick and easy setup. With the automatic data entry you can simply scan the barcodes on the book and the details will be automatically entered. Our software will even retrieve an image of the book cover. This function can also obtain catalogue information for mosts CD's, DVD's and even some videos. The software is so easy to use after you simply scan the books with the provided Barcode scanner (phoenix), the built in cataloging will automatically use the internet to look up the book details and instantly enter them into QuickTrack. Our online database is always up to date and is free of charge to use, it is automatically updated when a book is published.

QuickTrack for schools is easy for students to use, and can be a great activity for your schools students to help get them involved in the library and feel like part of its operation. You could have students helping out the librarians or do a student librarian group, and students can be part of the team and learn how to use the simple, easy to use library software and gain experience.

We have made QuickTrack's library management simple and efficient by adding complete book tracking history, being able to see the borrowers current books, a simple circulation management system, a complete comprehensive student database and you can instantly show who has what. You can completely track a books history and see how many times it has been borrowed and how popular that book has or hasn't been. This can be super useful for when you are ordering new books to see what book types are the most popular or the least popular, so you can then know what to order. Once a book has been entered into the database, the book will have a complete record of where it has been over time.

We made the book in/ book out section so simple and easy to use even the youngest student can work it easily. This is our simple circulation management system. you work it by simply choosing "book in" or "book out", from the "Book in/out" menu then chose a student. You can do this using the screen or by using a barcoded ID card which the software can even print for you. You can create a complete comprehensive student database by importing them from a CSV file or you can enter each student individually by hand.  You can then see which students have which books currently. When looking to see which student has which books, you can find which student your looking for, then the students details will instantly appear and to the right of the dialog it will show which books they currently have. Then you simply scan the books barcode and its details will come up, you can then click the "book out" button to book it out, its really that easy.

The peninsula QuickTrack pro library management system comes complete with a Barcode scanner to help you set up with ease as well as being delivered on USB memory stick so you have a backup of the software. . In addition to this software you will receive the Barcode scanner via post to use in conjunction with the software. The Phoenix Barcode reader is the one we will supply you with and this requires no additional software to function, as the computer just pretends the reader is another keyboard. The reader has been designed specifically to be used to scan barcodes quickly and efficiently. The reader is also fully guaranteed for the length of the license. A free of charge replacement can also be obtained should the reader cease to function. You would simply email us and return the reader to us for a replacement. Although the reader would be very unlikely to break.

The software also offers easy to use reports. It might be that once you have been using the QuickTrack software for a while, you would need information on who has what, what is overdue and other information. QuickTrack for schools has a built in report and labelling features as standard. Which would easily allow you to collect or print out information you would require. all the reports are fully customisable and can be added to easily. A full report and a label editor is included with QuickTrack. Any popular reports you have can be stored in their own folder for easy access, enabling you to quickly get any information you need. The report data can also be saved as a CSV file or shown as a list on screen.

Email sales@peninsula-group.com to get started with QuickTrack now.
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