Monday 13 February 2017

Peninsula Group Who Are We?

Founded over 28 years ago Peninsula Group are a small family run business with an ever growing list of clientele. Including companies such as Apple, Dyson Appliances, Avery Dennison and thousands of other large and small companies.
We at Peninsula Group ( create software solutions for auto id, labelling and printing for both Apple Macintosh and Windows PC.

We at peninsula pride ourselves on giving all of our customers personal help and attention if they have any issues with our software and make sure they get it up and running efficiently for their specifications.

Our company was founded and is still currently run by Guy and Matty Allensby. Over the years since we were founded our team of staff has grown and changed , currently our members of staff include Giles, Richard, Lee, Amy and Nigel. Everybody's jobs range from tech support working off site and some who work in our sales and media department as well as our programmers.

Many of our customers are based in America but we do want to start advertising our business more close to home, no matter what we are always thankful for every customer we have.
We strive to produce simple to use products that are cost effective and don't break the bank. Over the years we have helped build and support the barcode and software industry helping it change from a complicated and overpriced business to simple off the shelf buy to fast paced delivery.

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