Thursday, 30 March 2017

Setting up a Zebra Label Printer on Mac OSX

Printing super labels on OSX! Installing you Zebra printer on OSX to print perfect and clear labels is easing using our Thermal Label Printer Driver. Once the set up is complete you can print directly from any application straight to your Zebra Printer. The first thing you need to do is download the Mac Driver from our download page.
We support all Zebra printers, please contact us if you are unsure which printer you need to choose. 

 Run the Zebra Thermal Utility and follow the steps below. 

 Step 1: Plug in your Zebra Printer and Turn it on.

Step 2: Choose how your printer is connected. 
 Step 3: Choose Your Zebra Printer from the list. 

 Step 4: Choose your printer model. 
 Step 5: Select which kind of labels you are using. 

Step 6: Name your printer to identify it, this may include the label type you are printing. 

Step 7: Setup your Zebra's label sizes. 
             You can choose from the sizes in the popup list or enter your own custom sizes.
             You must add at least one size.

 Step 8: Choose the application you are printing from. 
            If you want to print from a website for example UPS you may need to extract your label for it to print correctly on your Zebra. 
           Don't worry our driver can do this and instructions are included. 

 Step 9: Click Add Printer to add your Zebra printer to OSX.
             Now you are ready to print your labels.

This software is a commercial product which comes with one year free technical support and updates. The technical support also includes our team helping you set it up via TeamViewer if you need us too. 
We also include a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase. 

This driver does not use Java, it takes the output that Amazons website creates and makes it work with your label printer. It is written entirely on OSX and is compatible up  to 10.12.

We have thousands of customers for our Thermal Label Printer Driver including Apple themselves!
The software is used worldwide and supports many different makes of Thermal Label Printer including Zebra printers! So you don't only need to have a Zebra printer to make use of this software!


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